Depression is not when a person i
s sad all the time. He does not feel anything, because events or lack of values in his life caused him so much pain that the protective mechanism was activated and the person ceased to feel.

Nature in us is laid on a bodily level constant recovery – healing of wounds, bone fusion, return of vision in injury, self-healing of any tissues and functions of organs. And at the level of the psyche – the thirst for life. The same desire to live in whatever it is, because life itself is valuable and beautiful. It saves us in situations of despair and pain. Motivates you to create a relationship with life. With someone or something. And it is this part that is broken during the depression. A person does not want to interact with anyone or anything. He is no longer pleased with communication with loved ones, the beauty of nature, the taste of f
ood, the feeling of warm wind on the skin, the smells of spring. He hopes that a better life will come, but time goes by and experience shows that nothing happens. Nothing changes.

In addition to my private practice, I work in a crisis center, where women come to me most of the
time with the words , "I don't want anything." I worry about every client, but for people who may be depressed, especially. You never know what a person
will come back with in a week and will come back? Aggression? It's cool! There's a lot of life in it! Sadness? Well done. Sadness is part of the spectrum of our feelings that make up life.

How do we work with the client? Tiny steps. Through accepting your own impotence. Through familiarity with your own despair. I can see you. I accept you. I leave you as a part of me and my life. And then the person slowly begins to contact. With anyone and anything. Great luck when the client takes any action that brings him pleasure. A shower with a nice washcloth. Hot coffee on a bench in the park. New slippers of your favorite color. Everything that through contact ret
urns the person to himself. And the reasons for its occurrence are different. I'll write about it again, including writing a post about how Biology looks at depression.

Come to return the thirst for life and lost meanings.

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