Transfer of injuries from generation to generation

The results of clinical studies and observations prove that pictures of past injuries, both personal in your ancestors and family, when several people or the whole family are involved, can be passed down from generation to generation in the form of nightmares, accidents, unexplained bodily sensations and diseases. ⠀Moy th
practice of working with clients, as well as my personal history has repeatedly confirmed to me. ⠀
f someone in the family system has not allowed my conflict during his life. suffered himself and suffered his loved ones, then this conflict is transmitted below. Sometimes just down in kind, sometimes by special system: when the number of the birth of the elder in the family coincides with yours, sometimes when someone is named after the grandfathers and great-grandfathers, sometimes when someone is very similar in appearance or character and therefore identifies with this ances
or.⠀Moy personal story was associated with the female line of my kind. I woke up at night because of an unknown force that would wake me up abruptly and make me count the children on the bed, to be aware of themselves alive, to remember in which houses, rooms and with whom the rest of the family is now sleeping. At the same time I had a firm knowledge that there was a war going on and we were in some danger. It took me a few seconds to realize my reality and calm me down. A few more hours to sleep. I searched and found a cycle in which everything was looped for my family. At the age of 6, her mother died and a little later she and the younger sister were sent to an orphanage because their father could not take care of them. My dad and mother divorced when I was 6 years old and I then experienced my trauma of losing a parent and family drama. My daughter was 6 years old and this unconsciously led me to wake up and solve something, as my personal current dramas emotionally reminded me of my childhood and transgenetically about my grandmother's childhood. ⠀
s soon as I established these relationships and talked to my psychologist, I stopped waking up at night. There's no war now. All the current dramas can be realized and find good enough solutions. My psyche coped with this as soon as I began to solve this verba
ly.⠀I have seen many times in my practice how the secrets that for decades were kept in families after their verbalization healed serious diseases, relieved of strange chronic psychosomatic conditions, which doctors could not cope with, returned people energy, heat regulation in the body, deduced from the vicious circle of ineffective strategies
o build relationships with people ⠀. do interconnections and heal.

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