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How Biology works with various diseases of the large intestine: colitis, diverticulosis, diverticulitis, polyps, cancerous tumors.⠀I have a
ready written that the human digestive system correlates with the conflict of the "piece". "I can't stomach what happened to me." Most of the tissues of the lcd came from the entodermal germ leaf and are subject to the brain stem. Lumpy conflicts are conflicts of something basic, vital, what a person needs, like air, water, food and the continuation of the genus.⠀Function o
the large intestine is the conclusion of everything that our body considered unnecessary, unhelpful, superfluous. In a figurative sense, these will be the events that we treat for ourselves as: anger, meanness, betrayal, treason, deception. Situations in which we feel that we have been treated dir
y.⠀What is near the end of the digestive system, the drama that happened to a person. The more serious and severe the disease, the greater the accumulated mass of psychological conflict and the more dramatic the previous illn
ss event.⠀Automamic brain our psychological conflicts interpret not only literally, literally, but also figuratively. So for the large intestine, everything that fits into these formulations is, "
I've been put in a pig, I can't digest it," "
I can't solve this disgusting thing," "I want to
get rid of these shitty feelings, but I don't know how,"
"how they could have done so vilely to m
e," "I can't accept this breakup. I can't l
et this
man go

," I don't know how to forgive ⠀." Smooth musculature usually creates constipation and I'll write a separate pos
about it.⠀For what does the body build up entodermal tissues? To get rid of this piece as soon as possible or to delay something vital and necessary. To help a person resolve a biological conflict. I wrote in a post about the digestive system about the experience of Dr. Hamer, who found that cancer cells in the stomach are 10 times faster than food. And on the same principle the tissues of the large intestine grow. But unfortunately, when our body decides psychological conflict biologically, it is never effective. There's no real physical piece to push through. In reality, we don't need these extra fabrics. And we are faced with various diseases of the lcd, unpleasant symptoms, pain and on the way out almost always with bowel obstruction.⠀For

what causes bowel obstruction? At the active phase of the disease in the intestine there is an increase of additional tissue. Polyps, benign and malignant tumors are formed. All this prevents the promotion of feces. During the recovery phase, these excess tissues are removed with the help of various mycobacteria and fungi. There is swelling, which as well as the growths themselves creates symptoms of obstructi
n. ⠀In addition, if the conflict repeats, then there is a suspended recovery, when the overgrown tissue does not have time to completely clean the body, the person enters again in the active phase of stress and the cells grow again. And so it can last for years. In the case of colitis, for example, this is particularly well seen. A person is constantly experiencing repetitive indigestible conflicts. The colon is inflamed due to constant attempts to contain emotions alternating with moments of complete relaxation.

⠀If the conflict at the level of the psyche is not solved, surgery will become inevitable. But even in an unresolved conflict, unfortunately, will not stop the process of tissue growth. If suffering continues to live in a person, the automatic brain and after surgery will continue to change the tissues of the intesti
es.⠀Kakova our task in sessions with the client:

  1. It is import
    ant to calm down about the disease itself, as well as about the situation that triggered the biological conflict.
  2. We can't change
    the event
    itself. To return the love of the mother, which was not in childhood. But in therapy we can change the attitude to the situation, having worked through all the feelings that have arisen in a person. Realize the relationship and gradually get out of the victim's state.
  3. Monitor the condition of the large intestine, starting with simple symptoms such as pain, gases, obstruction, etc. And after a while to look at the changes in the tissues th
    mselves.⠀I remember that the consultant in biology in his work does not contradict the medical protocol. The client continues to undergo all prescribed procedures, to adhere to medication and diets. Our mission is to help doctors heal you as soon as possible and more effectiv
    ly. ⠀It's time to solve conflicts and heal.

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