Authors of psychosomatic therapy

Fear and sadness, long possessed by man, have to diseases. Hippocrates.

Where did the biologika come from and who are the main scientists contemporaries engaged in both research and practical work in the field of systemic psychosomatic therapy. It is on their discoveries I rely on my work and use their tools in sessions.

Dr. Rike Gerd Hamer (Germany). The pioneer in systemic psychosomatic therapy was the German medic Rike Hamer. After suffering from cancer, he discovered that the onset of his illness was due to the tragic loss of his son, which occurred shortly before. He then examined more than 15,000 patient histories of his clinic and established a link between the shock event and the subsequent cancer of each. His work was put into the system of views called “New German Medicine.” A shock-launching oncology event has been dubbed THE DIRK HAMER SYNDROME (DHS) – part of his dead son. Dr. Homer also discovered the so-called Boomer hotspots – changes in certain areas of the brain that are visible in the images of patients whose organ is affected by the disease.

photo Gilbert Renaud

Gilbert Renaud (Canada). Member of the Scientific Council of Integra MedAcademy, founder of the Higher Laurentians School of Naturopaths in quebec. One of the leaders and developers of the new direction of systemic psychosomatic therapy “Recall Healing” (Healing Memory), which is the development of the “New German Medicine” by Dr. Hamer and “Total Biology” by Claude Sab. He is the author of Healing Memory.

photo Claude Saba

Claude Saba. (France). Total biology. Deprogramming conflict. Doctor of medical sciences, according to the view of which, almost all pathologies, are caused by psycho-emotional conflicts, which are transferred to organics. This solution is ideal for the brain, which, acting on an archaic principle, helps to get rid of excessive stress and thus ensures survival of the body.

Roberto Barnai (Hungary). A biologika. Biologika is the direction of the new German medicine (R.G. Hamer), developed by Roberto Barnai as a scientific discipline. Biologika is recognized by the Hungarian Academy of Sciences and today in Hungary it is studied in medical universities.
Roberto Barnai himself was healed from liver cancer and bowel cancer, thanks to the book R.G. Hammer, from which learned the biological patterns of interaction of the body and the psyche.

Mark Frechet. (France). Clinical psychologist, who owns discoveries about the effect of the programming phase (18 months before the birth of the child and 12 months after) on our future life and sensitivity to certain psychological conflicts. His tools for the study of internal conflicts are used in his works by the above scientists.

Anne Anselin-Schutzenberger (France). French psychologist, doctor of psychological sciences, professor, founder of the International Association of Group Psychotherapy.
In 1970, Anne introduced the practice of additional treatment of cancer patients and working with their families, in 1985 began to work with cancer patients with the last stage of the disease (some of her then patients are still alive).
Anne Anselin Schutzenberger’s work focuses on the study of psychogenealogy, nonverbal communication and family ties. In her research, she develops the technique of genosogram: the family tree, which takes into account not only existing kinship ties, but also the repetition of particularpersonal and social development within the family, including the “transmission” of mental and physical injuries from generation to generation.

These are just some of the founders of modern systemic psychosomatic therapy. I list them here for those who are interested in sources. But it is important to understand that they all rely also on the works of the authors of antiquity, the Middle Ages, other authors of modernity, as well as the work of major psychologists, psychoanalysts, neuroscientists, gastroenterologists, pulmonologists, neuropsychiatrists, mathematicians, physicists of our time, that is to say on all modern sciences.

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