About Me

2001 – Diploma of Higher Education of the State University of Management, Faculty of Financial Management.
2007 – Diploma of practical psychologist of Moscow State University
im Lomonosov 2007 – Diploma of the Institute of Practical Psychology of Personality Genesis by profession coach, business coach and organizational consultant in the field of human resources.
2019 – Gilbert Renaud (Canada) course on healing With Remembrance.
2019 – a course on “Basics of Biology and New German Medicine” at the School of Psychosomatics Maria Rakitina.
2019 – “Body from Head to Toe” course by Gilbert Renaud (Canada), founder of the Healing Memory Method.
2019 – course “Problems of the spine: psychological causes, their study and recommendations for recovery” at the School of Psychosomatics Maria Rakitina.

2020 – course “Relationships” Michelle Schrader, (USA), head of the American Institute “Recall healing”.
2021 – international certificate of the facilitator of the Canadian Institute “Recall healing” with the right to consult in Russia and Europe.

ience: Until 2011, she worked in b2b and b2c in management positions.
Since 2011 I do not work inside companies and i do private practice in the field of personal psychology and health psychology, including with corporate clients. I can work with expats in English. My niche in psychology is narrow-minded, I work only with diseases or changes in the body by the method of systemic psychosomatic therapy.

If you want to make an appointment with me for a consultation, you can do so with a feedback form.

Usually the search for internal conflict on one symptom, the disease takes from one to three sessions. The first session lasts 1.5 hours, the next 55 minutes.