What is biologika

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Bio – life, processes related to life, relation of something to living organisms.
Logic is the science of ways of evidence and refutation.

The term Biologika was coined by the Hungarian scientist Roberto Barnai, a follower of the New German Medicine. You can read about him and other scientists who have contributed to the knowledge of why people get sick in the section “Authors of Psychosomatic Therapy”.

You don’t know how or why you got sick. We don’t learn that at school. Around us, we hear a lot of concepts of traditional medicine about genetics not fully studied or airborne viruses and infections.
But we do not tell anything about the perfect bundle of our body “psychic-body.” Is that mention the old and common expression “all diseases from nerves.” And here we are closest to the truth.

All diseases and changes in the body occur as a result of internal conflicts. Even most injuries. Only 5 per cent of diseases that have occurred as a result of intoxication or radiation are the exceptions. But in most cases, we will search and find why from psychological conflict we have moved to biological. Why didn’t our psyche cope? What was the event in our lives because of which changes in the body occurred?

Knowing the basics of biologika allows us to understand the laws of bodily change and disease. Notice how psychological conflict has turned into our biological and what our automatic brain has done to help us by changing organs and bodies. In addition, the biologika explains how exactly the body starts the reverse program – the healing program.